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Consulting Services for all Type of Professionals 

Health Industry  Professionals 

Personalized,  One-on-one counseling, that won't leave you feeling like you just learned what you already know.

Celebrities and Famous Status 

High Quality, Discrete, Individualized Counseling and Education on Substance Use Disorders.

Political Industry Professionals 

A complete professional, wholistic counseling experience for your ears only!

Education Industry Professionals 

A complete and informative counseling and education experience that will provide you with tools to share with others as the need arises.

Chemical and Hazardous Material Industry Professionals 

Quick, Responsive, Secure counseling experience, tailor made just for you!

How can Mark Scott Services help? 
Everybody has their Up's and Down's in Life, We Understand!

Mark Scott's Consulting Services create an exclusive non-judgmental one on one streamline process for professionals that have hit a perceived barrier in their lives and guides them to understand their reasons and overcome sensitive challenges that go deeper than the superficial substance abuse. 

One common procedure many professionals are required to complete is the SAP Procedure which is  the following:

SAP Procedure:  Person in safety-sensitive position tests positive for some substance including alcohol or refuses to test. The employer can either fire them or send them to complete the SAP process. If the person is fired and wants to return to a safety-sensitive position, they still have to complete the SAP process.

What is SAP process and what does it stand for? 

The SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) is a person that has passed a 12-hour course related to the Department of Transportation regulations and guidelines concerning employees in safety-sensitive positions. The SAP conducts an initial interview with the employee that lasts from 1 to 2 hours and include various recognized substance abuse questionnaires. The SAP then makes a determination as to what the employee needs to do to assist them in avoiding the mistake in the future.Scot

From the DOT point of view, the SAP is an ally in helping to protect the public from any safety-sensitive employee that may be impaired. The SAP then writes an initial evaluation letter that includes a plan of action which is sent to the employee and their supervisor or the person that is referred to as the Designated Employee Representative (DER). The employee is then responsible for completing the plan of action. Once completed, the employee notifies the SAP and a follow-up interview is scheduled. After the follow-up interview is completed, the SAP writes a completion letter to the employee and then one to the employer which includes a rigorous testing plan which can last up until 5 years and must include a minimum of 6 UA tests for the first year.

The action plan may include 12 Step meetings, Alcohol, and Other Drug Education, Individual Counseling, Outpatient Treatment, Residential Treatment, Detox or some combination.

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